Business Consulting

You will find examples for business support iuvare is offering. They reflect a condensate of long haul professional management practice, developed and executed in the “German Mittelstand” as well as in large scale enterprises. Elaborating and execution of solutions always include the people involved in the matter based on psychodynamic insights. This approach has shown to improve acceptance and sustainability of the measure to be implemented. Please call for tasks and opportunities not listed here.

Increase transparency for your business

Implementation of cost accounting systems for products, projects and cost centers

Setting up Profit centers and control them individually

Implementation of KPI systems


Elaborate and implement measures to improve efficiency

Improve design of processes and structures to gain momentum

Start- up Coaching

Train your team in basics for business management and control

Support in the developing of business cases

Financial planning and treasury support to secure your business liquidity

Leadership and team coaching

Sarbanes Oxley

Introduction into this methodology

Implementation of SOX for your entire organization

Training of your teams

Making your organization ready for external audits

Support in German GAAP Audits

Support in Year-end closing preparation

Focus your finance team on audit relevant questions

M&A Projects

Due diligence support (buyer or seller side)

Moderation and mediation between parties

Support in preparation, maintenance and control of the data room content

Post merger integration support: structures and processes, synchronization of reporting systems, GAAP adjustments,…


Please contact us directly for further opportunities.